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General History

11 January: Declassified: Japan interned Jews in WW2

11 January: US Navy pilots remains returned from Vietnam War

4 January: Germany invited to D-Day events

4 January: To legion men she was 'La Miss'

4 January: Churchill sent frigate to foil 'invasion' of Falkland Islands by two Argentinians

11 January: Arkansas city to house World War II submarine

11 January: Raising the anchor

30 December: Britain's secret jet crash Cold War coup

30 December: FDR's Undeclared War

14 December: Enola Gay display provokes debate

25 January: Man in Siberia earlier than thought

25 January: 50,000-year-old mammoth skull found in gravel pit

25 January: Archaeologists to dig into secrets of amphitheatre

11 January: 4,500-year-old city excavated in Shaanxi

10 January: Taxman forced Churchill to fight war on two fronts


Military Technology 

Historic Battles Publications

Historic Art, Books and Reviews

20 January: Australian Defence scientists checkmate the opposition!

20 January: Wing And A Prayer

10 January: US troops plot the enemy as Iraq war goes cyber

22 December: Becoming bullet proof

19 January: Professor Nagl's War

17 December: Article Competition announced!

4 December: Milestones in Naval Aviation

4 December: Airpower’s Century

11 September: New article available.

25 January: Cave art from 30,000 years ago?

11 January: Gettysburg: Restoration aims to bring new life to park

13 December: More to 'The Scream' than meets the eye

4 December: Book delves into frigate scandal


Monthly Topic

Site and Forum News

Hosted Sites

January: The Normandy Beachhead, June 1944

5 January: Editorial for January

23 November: Publications section upgrade

10 January: Hosting of 2194Days of War site suspended

17 Nov: Historic Battles are now hosting a new site



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The Wargames and Military Banner Exchange

This Week in History

1265: Simon de Montfort calls the first English parliament.

1533: Henry VIII marries Anne Boleyn.

1943: Churchill, Roosevelt and de Gaulle decide at the Casablanca Conference that World War Two must continue until Germany falls.


Tour of Duty: John Kerry and the Vietnam War

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